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OMC meeting, adding that since then "these crosscurrents have re-emerged, creating greater ▓uncertainty.""Apparent progress on trade turned to gre?/p>

坅ter uncertainty, and our contacts in business and agriculture report heightened concerns over trade developments," he said. "Growth indicators from around▓ the world have disappointed on net,

raising concerns that weakness in the global economy will continue to affe▓ct the U.S. economy."The above concerns, the chairman said, "may have contributed to the drop

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in business con▓fidence in some recent surveys and may have started to show through to incoming data."Powell said growth in business investment has slowed "n▓otably," and "overall growth in the s

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econd quarter appears ▓to have moderated."Noting that inflation has been below the FOMC's symmetric 2 percent objective, Powell said, "There is a risk

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that weak inflation will be even more persistent than we currently anticipate," hinting at the possibility of a rate cut.Powell reit

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